Political analysts discuss primary election results

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The primary elections kicked off yesterday with votes flooding in from the election. Joining us to discuss these numbers is President & CEO, HighGround, Inc. Chuck Coughlin and partner from the Gentles Agency, Karl Gentles. Both guests will be providing post-primary coverage and discussing some of the numbers from the primary election.

A look into Chuck Coughlin’s background

Here is a look at Coughlin’s background according to HighGround Public Affair Consultant, Coughlin is the CEO and President of HighGround, Inc. He founded the Company 25 years ago as a political consulting firm specializing in campaign management.  Today, the firm has a full palate of public affairs professionals from lobbying, communication, public opinion polling, social media and campaign management.

Coughlin is a five-time winner as Arizona’s “Best Political Operative” awarded by the Arizona Capitol Times. He served as Governor Brewer’s transition Chairman for her 2009 Transition team and was the campaign manager for Governor Symington’s 1994 re-election campaign which overcame a post Labor Day double digit deficit to win re-election. Under his leadership, HighGround has won over 50 awards from Campaigns and Elections and the American Association of Political Consultants.

Karl Gentles background

As for Gentles, this is what his website has to say about his background, Gentles leads the agency’s client strategy. With 30 years of corporate, political and nonprofit experience in the Phoenix community, Gentles experience spans multiple industries including banking, economic development, public policy, healthcare and others.

Prior to forming the agency, Gentles served in executive leadership positions at USAA, Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), Bank One, and began his career as a staff assistant for U.S. Senator John McCain. In 2020, Gentles ran for U.S Congress to represent Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District.

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