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On the show today, Rusty Bowers talked about his reaction to being censured by his fellow republicans due to his supposed work with the democrats and his testimony on the Jan. 6 hearing.

When Bowers was asked if he regretted his testimony on Jan. 6, his answer was: “Not at all.”

“I didn’t ask for it, but when you get a subpoena from congress, you go. And your said to tell the truth, so I did,” Bowers said.

The answer was already laid out in front of him, he just had to reiterate, according to Bowers.

There was already so much controversy surrounding Jan. 6, so when Bowers went to testify against his political parties beliefs, he knew this could be the end of his political career, according to Bowers.

“There are consequences and I know the people that I deal with, and I know the spin machine. So I know everything is, can, and will be used against me, becomes very real,” Bowers said.

This might not be the end of his career, as he will still be involved with the Arizona water crisis to make sure all Arizonans can have a steady water supply, according to Bowers.

Despite all the backlash he has received, he has also been receiving a lot of praise. People will come up to him and thank him, people have clapped for him and sent him kind words, according to Bowers.

“I think its refreshing for people to have someone to straight up tell the truth. I wasn’t trying to impress anybody, I was trying to answer the best of my recollection and those things are important to me,” Bowers said.

After receiving responses from republicans on his testimony, Bowers said he may be rethinking his political beliefs as a republican.

“I’m not going to be boxed, but I am going to decide,” Bowers said.

Rusty Bowers, AZ Speaker of the House

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