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Former assistant police chief for the Phoenix Police Department, Kevin Robinson, was recently elected to the Phoenix City Council. Robinson beat Sam Stone in a runoff.

Robinson now represents district 6. The area includes Arcadia, North Central Phoenix and Ahwatukee.

Horizon welcomes Robinson to talk more about his recent victory as councilman-elect.

Why do you think you won?

“Residents in district 6 were really concerned about representation. I think they wanted someone who would have their ear, who would listen to them. I think it had a lot to do with my background in law enforcement,” said Robinson. “I think people were tired of a lot of things about politics. I think I represented something that they wanted to see.”

Less vocal, more collaboration?

Robinson succeeded a vocal member of the council. Robinson’s plan now is to be more collaborative within the district.

“The folks I talked to, it was about collaboration. You’re not gonna get a whole lot done if you’re the only person out there yelling and screaming,” said Robinson. “You’re gonna have to work with folks, you’re gonna look for opportunities to make things happen.”

What are the major challenges in district 6?

Robinson mentioned that during his 18 month campaign, he had knocked at 12,000 doors and some of the major criteria were concerns on public safety. People were worried about police and fire, homelessness, home affordability and water said Robinson.

Are you objective when it comes to police matters?

“I believe I can,” said Robinson. “The one thing every good police officer hates, and I believe I was a very good police officer for over 36 years, is a bad police officer. Cause that brings the entire profession down.” We need to shift focus to the positives of law enforcement, said Robinson.

Councilman Kevin Robinson

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