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Now that graduation season is over, many students are embarking on their quest for meaningful career paths.

In this segment on Arizona Horizon, our host Steve Goldstein engages in an insightful conversation with Mary Foote, CEO of Pipeline AZ, and Kevin Imes, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Career and Technical Education at the Arizona Department of Education. Together, they delve into the current job trends in Phoenix and provide valuable guidance for students searching for their dream careers.

Tech jobs are huge right now. A recent report showed that Arizona added more than 5,000 new tech jobs to its growing ranks of tech workers in 2022. And that field is only expected to grow.

“We have to grow that workforce,” Foote said, “specifically in the areas of healthcare, technology and advanced manufacturing.” She also said many students are interested in IT and cybersecurity related jobs, nursing and healthcare professions.

Imes said there is now “a hand and glove situation with business and education. Students are starting to generate an interest and so industries are reaching down to help those students.”

Arizona is also doing a better job of retaining talent. “Students no longer feel like they have to leave the state,” Foote said.

About Pipeline AZ

Pipeline AZ is where Arizona job seekers, students, employers, educational institutions and nonprofits come to build Arizona’s workforce. It’s not just another job board: it’s a career development and exploration platform designed to create more pathways to in-demand Arizona careers. For more information, click here.

About Arizona Department of Education

For more information about the Arizona Department of Education, click here.

Mary Foote, CEO of Pipeline AZ; Kevin Imes, Deputy Associate Superintendent for Career and Technical Education at the Arizona Department of Education

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