Response from Senator Eva Burch on statewide abortion ban

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Democratic state Senator Eva Burch of Mesa made headlines last month when she told fellow lawmakers in a floor speech that she was going to get an abortion because her pregnancy was no longer viable.

The first-term lawmaker has criticized Arizona restrictions as being out of touch and has pushed for legislation that would create a constitutional right to abortion in the state. We spoke with Senator Burch about the April 9 Arizona Supreme Court ruling.

Senator Burch discussed the recent court ruling and its potential impact on access to abortion in Arizona. She emphasized the efforts of extremist politicians in the state to restrict abortion rights, pointing to a history of anti-abortion legislation that has taken away access over decades.

The interview discussed the legal complications of the court’s decision, which cited a pre-statehood ban on abortion from 1864. Senator Burch rejected this justification, calling it unconstitutional and highlighting the need for legislative action to protect reproductive rights.

Senator Burch was grateful for the outpouring of support she received from around the world. Her resilience in continuing to advocate for reproductive rights brought attention to the importance of amplifying voices in the ongoing debate.

The interview also touched on the role of Republicans in the legislature and the potential for bipartisan cooperation on abortion rights. While Senator Burch remained open to dialogue, she emphasized the need for Republicans to recognize the urgency of the issue and work towards meaningful solutions.

Senator Eva Burch (D), District 9

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