Biden Administration plans with the increase in immigration

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The Biden administration instructed FEMA to help process the growing number of unaccompanied migrant children entering U.S. border custody for the next 90 days. Professor Banks will give perspective about the ongoing situation at the border. President Biden vs. former President Trump’s what has changed, cause of influx people coming here, unaccompanied minors, who are coming over. An example is asylum seekers, criminal component taking advantage of this, and more. Jose Cardenas talked with Angela Banks, an Arizona State University Law Professor.

Banks discusses what is going on at the border right now. There have been a large number of border crossings. She said there has been a significant increase in individuals who are being apprehended at the border. The most significant issue is the number of unaccompanied children. There’s some suggestion that the reason for the increase in the attempted border crossings is because of the change in administration. Bank said the main drivers to push people to find sanctuary in the United States have not changed.

Some of those include unstable political situations and economic problems. These drives have not changed, but what has changed is The message that smugglers and others have given to my migrants. And the message would be that there is a new administration so “it’s a new day” she said. She said the Biden ministration is clear that the borders are still closed for nonessential travel. She also said that all of the immigration legislation that has been proposed will not benefit new arrivals. She said the information is probably being contradicted by smugglers in the area.

She said in practice we have not had much of a change since the last administration, but in terms of the policy, there is a different statement. We ask about how the children are being detained. People have pointed out that they are in the same situation as in the Trump administration. she explains the reason for that and what is going on at the border. We also talk about asylum-seekers and ask her what the Biden administration‘s plans are with that. Lastly, we talk about the changes that are going to come and what changes are going to come.

Angela Banks, Arizona State University Law Professor

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