The President’s executive orders relating to immigration

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President Biden is expected to sign executive actions, some on immigration which includes, calling Congress to grant permanent status and a path to citizenship for DACA recipients, change arrest priorities ICE-stop border wall construction. Guest host, Jose Cardenas talked with Professor Angela Banks from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. 

Banks discussed in detail, the executive orders specific to immigration. The Biden administration has decided to reinstate DACA. They also decided to revoke the Muslim ban. Banks talked about all of this and what it means to protect and fortify DACA. She thinks it will be dependent upon the Secretary of Homeland security and the Department of Justice for what protecting and fortifying DACA will look like. Banks tells us what she expects that might mean. 

She also talked with Cardenas about “dreamers”, children brought to the US as young children, and how it will look for people who already have DACA status. Cardenas asked about the Biden administration stopping work on the wall. Who is illegible for citizenship and refuge status in the United States are all topics Banks talks about. Banks predicts it will be challenging to get the immigration reform don within the first one hundred days. 

Professor Angela Banks, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at ASU

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