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Congressman Ruben Gallego talked with us about what he hopes to see in the next few weeks and months for AZ and the country, including impeachment and covid relief. Gallego discussed if unity is possible in this political climate.

Gallego wants Republicans to stop entertaining the claims of an illegitimate election, as well as stop disagreeing with the shift of power. Gallego talked about what he is looking for under the Biden administration. He wants a return to normalcy and he would like to see a steady hand. He also is looking for an improvement in the lives of everyday people; increasing wages and helping small businesses get started. For Arizona, he hopes to see changes in immigration.

Gallego also discusses Representative Biggs and Gosar and if they should be investigated for possible roles in the attacks on the US capitol. We also talked about what it might take to create unity in the United States.

Congressman Ruben Gallego, (D) AZ district 7

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