Vaccine supply shortage affects distribution

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Currently, all of the County’s vaccine supply is allocated and they are awaiting more. Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine is the Medical Director for Disease Control at the Maricopa County Health Department. She talked with us about the vaccine rollout, delays, what people need to know.

The vaccine supply has been challenging. Dr. Sunenshine spends some time talking about the Vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech. Pfizer’s vaccine is the vaccine Maricopa County gets the most of. They have gotten almost 300 thousand doses. The vaccine doses are sent to the different vaccine sights. Dr. Sunenshine says they never know how many doses they will get.

She talked with us about the trouble of opening up the vaccine to people ages 75 and older. Dr. Sunenshine said each county is in a different position. The larger counties are not in a position to open the vaccine up to ages 75 and older because of the shortage in the supply of vaccine doses. Sunshine also talks about what the supply of vaccine doses will look like under the Biden administration.

Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine, Medical Director, Maricopa County Health Department

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