A quick guide to PBS KIDS online resources

School’s out, but there are so many ways to keep learning through PBS KIDS.

PBS LearningMedia

Keep the wheels in your child’s head turning well after the school bell rings. Find supplemental materials that can reinforce what kids are learning in school and help keep subjects fresh over summer vacation. (Parents and grandparents might also find it useful for insight into what their kids are learning.) az.pbslearningmedia.org

What’s there?

  • Resources for pre-K all the way through high school
  • Materials from PBS KIDS programs as well as segments from prime time shows like “Nova” and “American Experience”
  • Search for content by grade level, subject, language (many resources are available in Spanish) and type of content


Find episodes of your favorite PBS KIDS shows and a wealth of games based on those programs. On mobile devices, access this content via the free PBS KIDS Video and PBS KIDS Games apps.

Plus, the Super Vision app offers parents a real-time connection to their child’s activity on PBSKids.org. Use it to check out what activities your child is viewing and what topics they’re learning about. (Currently available for Apple devices only.)

What’s it do?

  • Works with both games and videos on PBSKids.org
  • See a summary of games & videos played and skills learned
  • Set limits to help your child transition out of screen time
  • Build on your child’s learning with hands-on activities to do together
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