Donor Profile: Remembering Louise Solheim

We were saddened to learn that Mrs. Louise Solheim, a longtime friend and supporter of Arizona PBS, passed away this summer at the age of 99. Her generous support over many years has helped us build our station into what it is today.

Mrs. Solheim and her husband, Karsten (1911-2000), founded the golf club manufacturer Ping as well as the Solheim Cup, a prestigious international team competition in women’s golf. Phoenix residents since 1961, the Solheims also championed many local organizations. We were honored to be among them.

Louise Solheim spent her childhood divided between living with an aunt and cousins in Texas and her widowed father in Washington state. From a young age, she showed a strong interest in science and math, which she later used in positions related to engineering and computing at companies such as Convair (now General Dynamics).

The Solheims first began manufacturing golf putters as a side business while Karsten worked for General Electric. Louise managed the business end: bookkeeping, billing, handling supplies and mailing clubs. When the putter business became a full-time enterprise, she remained deeply involved. Over the years, Louise Solheim encouraged her children and grandchildren to work for the family business, and many have.

In addition to the Solheims’ support for Arizona PBS, they were also generous supporters of ASU’s Cronkite School, of which Arizona PBS is a part. We treasure their years of support for our mission and are grateful to be a part of their legacy.

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