New ‘Doctor Blake Mysteries’ airing this spring

“Doctor Blake Mysteries” returns with new episodes this fall on Saturdays at 8 p.m. This Australian series set in 1959 opens with Dr. Lucien Blake, a keeper of secrets and a solver of mysteries, returning to the rural gold rush city of Ballarat to take over his late father’s medical practice and the role of police surgeon. Jean Beazley, his receptionist and housekeeper, sometimes finds him a bit eccentric, but she has a keen ear for useful gossip.

Many years have passed since Dr. Blake first returned home from war to run his father’s old practice. But Ballarat is no longer the sanctuary from the outside world it used to be. There’s a new chief superintendent who doesn’t approve of Blake’s unorthodox methods, and despite the pathologist solving the crimes which have confounded the police, he is determined to get rid of Blake for good. Even dependable Jean, his housekeeper and assistant, is thinking of leaving town as her own past comes back to haunt her. Amid the upheaval the mysteries continue and Lucien Blake will face his most personal challenge yet.

Feb. 2: “Sorrow Songs”

As Blake and Jean get used to their new relationship dynamic, and Jean wrestles with its implications for her faith, the murder of a beautiful gypsy woman takes Blake inside the intriguing and exotic world of Romani travellers passing through Ballarat.

Feb. 9: “The Call of the Void”

When a body is found in a restaurant freezer, Dr Blake looks for clues: murder or accident – or something completely different?

Feb. 16: “All She Leaves Behind”

Two sisters are found gassed in their home. One a talented author, the other with a terrible secret. One dies, the other doesn’t. Is this murder or something else?

Feb. 23: “Measure Twice”

A Jehovah’s Witness is accused of murder.

March 23: “First Dance”

A housebound Blake tries his best to investigate the death of the school principal’s daughter at her debutante ball.

March 30: “A Good Drop”

Blake looks into the death of a farmer and a mysterious case of arson, while an unexpected party puts his future with Jean into jeopardy.

April 6: “Hear the Angels Sing”

Blake deals with his past as he investigates the death of a policeman as well as the reappearance of an old nemesis.

April 13: “Family Portrait” (movie)

This full-length feature film involves three murders, two weddings and a funeral. Life’s never been straightforward for Doctor Blake and Jean, so why would anything change now?



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