‘Nova’ delivers stories from the front lines of science

“Nova” explores new discoveries and how we have come this far. Except where otherwise noted, all times below are Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Arizona PBS.

August 28: “Lethal Seas”

Oceans absorb about a quarter of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. With carbon emissions sharply rising, the silent killer is entering the seas at a staggering rate – raising the oceans’ acidity. Follow scientists who are seeking solutions, including a unique coral garden in Papua New Guinea that offers a glimpse of what the seas could be like in a half-century. Watch via Passport.

Sept. 4: “Rise of the Superstorms”

Dive into the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. How can scientists better predict these storms, and what does the 2017 season tell us about the likelihood of future storms? Watch online.

Sept. 11: “Treasures of the Earth: Gems”

Delve into Earth’s depths to discover how precious stones are forged and what explains the allure of each captivating gemstone. Watch online.

Oct. 2: “Inside the Megafire”

From the front line of the deadliest wildfire in California history, “Nova” tells the stories of residents who had to flee during the 2018 fire season. Scientists racing to understand what’s behind the rise of record-breaking megafires across the American West take to the forest, and even a fire lab, in search of answers.  Watch online.

Oct. 9: “Day the Dinosaurs Died”

Investigate how an asteroid vanquished the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Join scientists as they drill into the impact crater and, for the first time, reconstruct the hell on earth that unfolded in the minutes, hours and months after the impact. (Also Sun. 10/13 at 1 p.m.) Watch online.

Oct. 16: “Why Bridges Collapse”

In 2018, Italy’s Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. NOVA investigates what went wrong and explores other bridge collapses across the United States. How can new engineering techniques make bridges safer and prevent such tragedies? (Also Thu. 10/17 at 2 a.m.; Sun. 10/20 at 1 p.m.)

Oct. 23: “Look Who’s Driving”

Tech giants and car manufacturers alike are developing self-driving cars – and some of them are already on public roads. But what must computers be capable of to truly take the wheel? And could they eventually be safer than human drivers? (Also Thu. 10/24 at 2 a.m.; Sun. 10/27 at 1 p.m.)

Oct. 30: “Secrets of the Sky Tombs”

Explore high altitude caves in the Himalayas to see how humans found their way into this forbidding landscape and adapted their bodies to survive. Along the way they discover evidence of ritual burials, including practices designed to ward off the supernatural. (Also Thu. 10/31 at 2 a.m.)

Nov. 6: “Dead Sea Scroll Detectives”

What can new technology reveal about the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls? Join scientists as they investigate suspicious, newly surfaced fragments to see if they’re forfeited, and use imaging techniques to digitally unravel the charred remains of a scroll. (Also Thu. 11/7 at 2 a.m.)

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