‘Legacy List’ finds treasured history in old homes

As Baby Boomers downsize their own homes or settle the estates of family members, they will discover the most important museum in the world – their family’s basement. “Legacy List with Matt Paxton” comes to Arizona PBS Sundays at 3 p.m. starting Feb. 9.

The six-episode, one-hour series is a unique and compelling look at our homes and the hidden treasures, heirlooms and precious memories to be found within them.

After nine seasons on A&E, host Matt Paxton comes to public television as host of “Legacy List,” bringing his many years of experience helping people downsize and transition to their next best lives.  As a first step, he asks families to create a list of missing but must-have items.  The items on this legacy list may be lost in families’ attics, basements, closets and even under the floorboards. The items must be found, valued and saved before the movers empty the home and memories are lost forever.

Matt brings with him a small, quick, diverse team to help families find the key valuables on the families’ legacy list. The specialists include Mike Kelleher, a walking encyclopedia of pop culture collectibles and antiques; Avi Hopkins, a military and religious memorabilia expert and Jaime Ebanks, an expert in fashion, textiles and travel collectibles.

While Matt and the team hunt through the house under deadline pressure to find the items on the legacy list, the show will periodically cut away and explore the fascinating history behind the sought-after objects. These segments will also delve into the history of the house, family and the surrounding region to show one family’s big, surprising and often bittersweet life transition.

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