April 2 | Grades 9–12

Programming Highlights

Shakespeare Uncovered: “Julius Caesar” with Brian Cox
Should I trust you? Join actor Brian Cox (whom you may recognize from a little movie called Troy or an equally little show called Succession) as he analyzes Shakespeare’s work and its notion of trust, as well as what morals we should live by. Watch a preview here.

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Korea: The Never-Ending War
Besides never-ending, this is also known as “the forgotten war.” Find out why and learn about what Korea was like before it split into North and South.

At-Home Learning Tips

Managing Family Anxiety
Make sure your kids feel safe by maintaining a positive environment at home. Even at a young age, children can pick up on stressful situations by observing their parents’ or older siblings’ responses. Let children know not to worry because there are plenty of people who are working hard to keep the world safe. Read more tips about how to manage family anxiety during these uncertain times.

Thursday on Arizona PBS

12:30 p.m. Shakespeare Uncovered: “Julius Caesar” with Brian Cox
Question | Answer
Rhetoric and Relevance – Discussion Guide
The Hate U Give – Activity

1:30 p.m. Shakespeare Uncovered: “The Winter’s Tale” with Simon Russell Beale
Question | Answer

Clowning Around – Lesson

2:30 p.m. Korea: The Never-Ending War
Question | Answer

Mapping the Korean Peninsula – Activity 
The Lowdown | How Did North Korea Get Like This? – Lesson Plan

Additional Resources

Are You a Good Recycler? Test Your Knowledge
We assume that the stuff that goes in the big blue bin gets recycled, right? it’s not that simple. Test your recycling chops and learn a little bit more about what curbside pickup actually entails.

Workers sift through recyclable material. | Still from SoCal Connected S10 E1: “Life in Plastic – California’s Recycling Woes”

“The Migrant Kitchen” Ep. 5, “Banchan: Korean Food Beyond BBQ”
If you’ve eaten kimchi, you’ve had banchan. If you haven’t, there’s no better time than the present to make a big batch, be it the traditional way, or with a more modern twist. While you’re at it, read about what banchan means to Koreans and how people they keep a tradition of hospitality alive by making and serving kimchi.

North Korea: Photos Reveal Life North of the DMZ
What happens behind North Korea’s borders is a mystery to many of us. In his book, “North Korea,” Los Angeles-based photographer Mark Edward Harris captured the lives and culture of North Korea’s citizens so we could all take a peek.

Golden Lane Bowling Alley. Pyongyang, North Korea | Mark Edward Harris
Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen
airs Dec. 3

Agatha Christie: Lucy Worsley on the Mystery Queen

Pavlo: Live in Santorini
airs Dec. 3

Don’t miss ‘Pavlo: Live in Santorini’

aired Nov. 28

Stewart Udall: The Politics of Beauty

Proposal for Phoenix Latino Cultural Center

Don’t miss ‘Horizonte’ Saturdays at 6 p.m.

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