Break! (In Case of Emergency): A Media Survival Guide for 2020

“Break! In Case of Emergency: A Media Survival Guide for 2020” takes an in-depth look at the issues media users are facing today. You’ll hear from a variety of experts and regular media users about the complexities of digital and social media and how people can find credible and trustworthy information.

This program is a companion piece to “Mediactive: How to participate in our digital world,” a self-paced, online mini-course. Free and available to the public, the course includes tips for spotting misinformation, finding trustworthy sources and best practices for sharing and commenting on news and information, among other topics. It’s a MOOC, or massive online open course, meaning that there is no cap on the number of learners who can participate.

Thre two options for taking the course: beginning Oct. 5, a cohort of instructors and participants will take three weeks to go through the course together. Learners will complete readings, watch videos and participate in a discussion board on their own schedule, and come together twice a week via Zoom for interviews with experts and Q&A sessions. Registration is open to the public.

The course will be available online indefinitely for users to access at any time, at their own pace. Each of the course’s three modules can take 1 – 3 hours to complete.

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