‘Articulate’ connects us to human stories behind art

Angel Blue is an operatic soprano and classical crossover artist. A former Miss Hollywood, Blue won the Zarzuela Prize and Second Prize in Operalia in 2009. She has since performed with the world’s leading opera companies, including the Metropolitan Opera, Vienna State Opera, and La Scala, Milan.

“Articulate” – hosted by veteran journalist, filmmaker and educator Jim Cotter – connects audiences to the human stories behind art, offering a trustworthy, visually stimulating, never ordinary take on classical, contemporary and popular art forms. From acclaimed musicians and best-selling authors to designers changing the way we live, each episode explores what great creative thinkers and doers can tell us about who we are, who we’ve been, and who we might become. The latest season of “Articulate” airs Sundays at noon on Arizona PBS, beginning Nov. 22

Since 2015, “Articulate” has informed and uplifted audiences with stories of how creative thinking shapes our world. Through interviews, live performances and distinctive storytelling, the Emmy® Award-winning magazine series has earned its reputation as a one-of-a-kind window into the ideas and experiences of diverse artists, from authors and architects to musicians and dancers.

Season 6 of “Articulate” will transport audiences to a Swiss music hall, unpack our understanding of monumental sculpture and playfully explore a theory of automobile design named for the iconic “West Side Story” gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. Featured guests include Tony Award-winning Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown, ASU’s MacArthur “genius” choreographer Liz Lerman, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright, and acclaimed operatic soprano Angel Blue.

Reflecting on making television during a pandemic, “Articulate” host Jim Cotter said, “Throughout 2020, the ‘Articulate’ team has continued to find new, safe ways to work. Because of this, ‘Articulate’ is able to offer viewers answers and solace during these unprecedented times with original perspectives on where we’ve been, who we are and what we might become.”

A new “Articulate” website includes a searchable directory of high school lesson plans based on “Articulate” segments. Created for use in physical and virtual classrooms, the plans integrate the arts and creative problem-solving into STEM, ELA and social studies instruction.

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