Sunday Dramas include Call the Midwife, Tom Jones and Marie Antoinette

Call the Midwife, Marie Antoinette and Tom Jones new on Sunday

Unleash the drama: Don’t miss the epic finale of Call the Midwife and Marie Antoinette, with Tom Jones keeping the beat – your ultimate Sunday guide is here!

Sunday, May 7 starting at 7 p.m.

Call the Midwife

As Trixie and Matthew’s wedding officially begins, a series of small and great disasters threaten to impede the day. A horrific car crash turns into a race against time. Sister Julienne hatches a plan to save Nonnatus House once and for all.

Marie Antoinette

Louis becomes increasingly confident as he throws himself into supporting the American War of Independence. Marie Antoinette embraces life at the Petit Trianon where she becomes enamored by a familiar face — Count Axel von Fersen.

Tom Jones

Tom is banished by Allworthy. Meanwhile, Sophia flees her impending marriage to Blifil. Adventures ensue, including fateful encounters at two inns.

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