Two characters from Doc Martin standing in front of a car

Doc Martin: Our Last Summer

Sat., March 30 at 6:15 p.m.

As the Ellinghams prepare to leave, Ruth admits to Martin that she’s been writing a paper on his phobia, and she thinks he’s been misdiagnosed. Ruth is also counseling Mrs. Tishell on overcoming her obsession with the Doc, while Penhale arranges their goodbye party. Chicken the dog escapes and Martin has a life-threatening accident trying to catch him. Guest starring Rupert Graves (Sherlock).

Illustration of columns of a capitol building with text reading: Arizona PBS AZ Votes 2024
airs April 18

Arizona PBS presents candidate debates as part of ‘AZ Votes 2024’

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Help us meet the Earth Day Challenge!

Graphic for the AZPBS kids LEARN! Writing Contest with a child sitting in a chair writing on a table and text reading: The Ultimate Field Trip
May 12

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The Capital building with text reading: Circle on Circle: Robert Lowell's D.C.
May 2

An evening with ‘Poetry in America’

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