Adrienne Fairwell

General Manager

Adrienne Fairwell, a proven media leader in the public television and communications industries, is the general manager of Arizona PBS. She has deep experience in audience engagement, partnership development, multiplatform content generation, studio and field production, local and national programming, brand management and government transparency work.

Ebonye Delaney

Senior Director & Content Officer

Ebonye Delaney oversees the content strategy across platforms, including broadcast programming, news, production and digital content. Delaney brings over a decade of content creation and production experience from a variety of fields including news broadcast, film and commercial production.

Kimberly Flack

Senior Director – Education & Community Impact

Kimberly Flack, Arizona PBS’ senior director and educational outreach officer, previously served as associate general manager for educational outreach from 2010 to 2019. Prior to that, she was associate director for educational outreach, after joining the station in 2001 as an instructional specialist coordinator on the professional development team remotely located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Mardi Gradolf

Senior Director of Development

Mardi Gradolf is responsible for securing major and planned gifts from individuals, foundations and corporate partners in support of Arizona PBS. Prior to Arizona PBS, Gradolf served as the associate director of development at The Nature Conservancy and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU, where she was responsible for major gift fundraising and planned giving.

Tiffany Khan

Senior Director & Revenue Officer

Tiffany Khan is responsible for securing and sustaining memberships in support of Arizona PBS. Tiffany joined the Arizona PBS team in April 2019 after more than a decade fundraising for education and healthcare organizations. In those roles, Tiffany leveraged telemarketing, email, direct mail, social media and crowdfunding channels for annual giving, pipeline development and donor engagement efforts.

Marisa Upham

Project Manager and Advisor to the General Manager

Marisa Upham serves as project manager and advisor to the General Manager at Arizona PBS. After more than a decade of experience in casting, marketing and production for both CBS and Disney, she joined Arizona PBS in April 2019. She leads and directs a wide range of strategic activities, initiatives and executive duties. Dedicated to advancing the stations role for public good, Marisa supports the Arizona PBS mission to enrich the lives of the people and communities we serve.

Jeremy Cauthen

Assistant Director of Brand Engagement and Communications

Jeremy Cauthen serves as the assistant director of Brand Engagement and Communications at Arizona PBS. Responsible for maintaining and advancing the station’s brand, he oversees public relations and community engagement efforts, determining promotional priorities across the station’s many promotional platforms, including its quarterly magazine, e-newsletters and on-air.

Katie Jones

Assistant Director of Digital Content

Katie Jones oversees content strategy and development for Arizona PBS digital platforms, including and all of the station’s social media channels. She first joined the station in 2014 to manage the monthly program guide, and added website content to her duties in 2017.

Heather Kivatinos

Director of Sales

Heather Kivatinos leads the media sales strategy of our four TV channels as well as print and digital assets. She brings 10-plus years of advertising leadership to Arizona PBS and previously led local and national sales teams for USA Today. Heather is an Arizona native and enjoys giving back to her community; she is a proud graduate of Valley Leadership.

Mike Maggio

Associate Director of Membership

Mike Maggio is responsible for securing and sustaining memberships in support of Arizona PBS.

Justin Neal

Assistant Director of Finance

Justin Neal is the assistant director of finance at Arizona PBS. Justin leads Arizona PBS’ financial reporting efforts, manages accounting and finance operations, and ensures that Arizona PBS is in compliance with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting standards.

Alex Rukashaza

Director of Digital and Broadcast Operations

Alex Rukashaza, an innovative media technologist with over 20 years of experience in broadcasting production, is the director of digital media and broadcast operations for Arizona PBS, a position critical to the station’s goals of leading in innovation and technology.

Karl Voss

Chief Engineer