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In their closing concert last season, the Phoenix Chorale presented a program titled “Soundtrack,” which artistic director Christopher Gabbitas describes as being designed to highlight various aspects of humanity: some positive, some joyful, some negative, and everything in between. In fact, Gabbitas says it is crafted to provoke different reactions from the audience, allowing them to achieve various states of emotion throughout the journey.

Works on this program range from traditional Shaker and Irish folk songs and African-American spirituals, to music created in the Soviet Union that embodies a “singing revolution,” a handful of jazz standards and jazz-inspired music, and works by living composers like Caroline Shaw, Trent Reznor, and Jennifer Lucy Cook. We’ll hear this concert from May of 2023 on this edition of Arizona Encore.

Exclusive Interview with Christopher Gabbitas and Jennifer Lucy Cook

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African American Spiritual - Witness - with Danya Tiller, soprano; Jacob Verhine, tenor; Toby Vaughn Kidd, bass

Traditional Shaker Song - Peace

Shaw - and the swallow

Cook - They Are Mother - with Jennifer Lucy Cook, piano

Tormis - Pärismaalase Lauluke

Edenroth - Words

Reznor - Hurt - with Lies'l Hill, soprano

Cook - Three Songs by Early American Women Composers

I. Star of Columbia

II. Promised Land

III. lo dello: the dance

Porter - Miss Otis Regrets - with Christina Hall, soprano

Ellington - It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing

Irish Folksong - Carrickfergus

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