AZ Votes Debate: Republican candidates for Arizona Congressional District 4 | Apr. 18, 2024

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Ted Simons, host and managing editor of “Arizona Horizon,” sat down with Republican candidates running for Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District for a debate on various issues.

Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District consists of all of Tempe, the Ahwatukee Village of Phoenix, and large parts of Mesa and Chandler.

The candidates spoke on their campaign initiatives and what they plan on completing if elected.

Candidate Kelly Cooper served in the Marine Corps and is currently a business owner. Cooper is passionate about community and governmental support for Veterans. He spoke about reimplementing the American dream.

Candidate Jerone Davison is a pastor and former NFL football player. Davison spoke about a “spiritual battle” in Arizona and across the nation. If elected, his focus would be on closing the border, lowering gas prices, and prioritizing the needs of Arizonians.

Candidate Dave Giles is an economics engineer and business consultant. Giles is passionate about upholding the Constitution and meeting the needs of Arizonians. He spoke about balancing the budget and cutting national debt.

Candidate Zuhdi Jasser is a Navy Veteran and physician. Jasser believes we are “on the edge of the cliff.” He spoke about global threats and how he will help protect citizens.

Kelly Cooper, Marine Corps Veteran and business owner
Jerone Davison, Pastor and former NFL player
Dave Giles, Economics Engineer and business consultant
Zuhdi Jasser, Navy Veteran and physician

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