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Coming up on ‘Poetry in America:’ July in Washington

With the backdrop of 1964 Washington D.C., Robert Lowell wrote this reflection between American idealism and American policy.

Horizonte: New and local

Host Catherine Anaya examines issues of particular interest to Arizona’s Hispanic community on “Horizonte”

Murder in Sweden: Season 3

When the team gets a new addition, Maria wonders if it’s time to move on and Sebastian worries about her and their future.

Changing Planet: Coral Special

This seven-year project examines the issues facing the planet’s most threatened ecosystems and takes an in-depth look at coral reefs.

Alice and Jack: Season finale

Over a decade since their great romance started, Alice and Jack face their greatest obstacle. Can love overcome anything?

Art Happens Here with John Lithgow

This one-hour special features actor John Lithgow going back to school to demonstrate the transformative power of arts education.

The Express Way with Dulé Hill: California

In California, Dulé Hill connects with three brave artists: a deaf dancer, a gay mariachi, and a senior citizen cabaret troupe.

American Experience ‘Poisoned Ground: The Tragedy at Love Canal’

Get a look at the Love Canal disaster when a neighborhood near Niagara Falls discovered their homes were built on a former chemical waste dump.

A Brief History of the Future: Human

Ari explores the human ability to increase empathy and compassion, and the values we are instilling into artificial intelligence technologies.

Nature presents ‘Raptors: A Fist Full of Daggers: Extreme Lives’

From snowy owls in the high Arctic to honey buzzards see the extreme ways in which raptors conquer the toughest habitats on Earth.