Voter registration deadline extended

Arizona’s voter registration deadline has officially been extended until Friday, October 23rd. This after a federal judge yesterday ruled on a complaint filed against the Arizona Secretary of the State’s Office. “Horizonte” host José Cárdenas spoke to Eduardo Sainz, Arizona State Director for Mi Familia Vota, one of two advocacy groups that filed the lawsuit.

Sainz said that because Latino communities have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, his organization found that Latinos were not registering to vote in the numbers they were expecting. “There are hundreds of thousands of Latinos and communities of color that are eligible to become registered voters, but haven’t done so. The communities have been putting attention to other issues because of the pandemic, and we wanted to have enough time for our communities to register so their voices could be heard on Nov. 3.”

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Eduardo Sainz, Arizona State Director for Mi Familia Vota

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