High school winter sports delayed

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High school winter sports in Arizona are delayed till early January due to coronavirus concerns. This is according to the Interscholastic Association, which made the decision last week. We spoke with AIA Executive Director, David Hines.

Hines made the decision based on the rising COVID-19 cases in Arizona. A certain level of metrics had to be met for Hines to continue practicing but it was increasing day-by-day. Of course, for Hines, the safety of the students are the number one priority so it was decided to push back competition till January 5th.

If competition starts on the 5th, players still have to get 14 days of practice in before the competition starts. Unfortunately, scrimmages and tournaments are not allowed. The season is shorter this time around which does affect the game’s schedule. For parents, there will be mostly no fans allowed to watch the game but it all depends on the metrics.

The fall games were a bit of a trial and error based on which games could be played and which couldn’t. Hines has been working with the Executive Board and they’ve decided their main concern is the students mental health.

AIA Executive Director, David Hines

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