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Hitendra Chaturvedi, supply chain professor at ASU, discusses shopping during holiday season. Despite the cause of the pandemic and safety concerns, the economy is projected to increase due to the holidays. This shift is because of online shopping. In 2008, the holiday season saw it’s worse year financially but yet 2020 is still seen to do better than that. The numbers are focusing on online retail rather than physical retail.

Most shops are now focusing on their online revenue instead of solely in-person shopping. Social media has helped this plight take place.

Although, the shipping delays will be a problem. Amazon has been vocal about the fact that customers will have to be ready to pick up their packages instead of having it delivered. Chatuverdi thinks that Amazon has handled the shipping delays very well and has prepared in advance.

Traditional retail was already dying out but Chatuverdi thinks that the pandemic pushed this forward rather than created it. The pandemic is also contributing to the good side of the economy as well. People are staying at home more, saving money they would usually spend and the prices of their houses have gone up. Despite the loss of jobs, Chatuverdi thinks it hasn’t been all bad.

Hitendra Chaturvedi, supply chain professor for ASU

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