Young Gilbert Resident Hosts a Blanket Drive to Help Comfort Children in Crisis

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Maddie Andonie wanted to do something to help children in crisis situations. She hosted a blanket drive.
“I was in a traumatic situation where I wasn’t there. And so I just thought like a blanket would really help like calm me down if like in that situation. And so I wanted to do something for like the kids in that situation.”
She put together do it yourself No Sew Blanket Kits that people picked up and returned to her.
“Anybody in Arizona really could just come pick them up and make them and then drop them back off my front door and then we package them up and once they’re all done, we’re going to get ready and send them off,” said Andonie.
Andonie donated the blankets to emergency workers, shelters, and crisis centers.
She has donated over 100 blankets to the Gilbert Police Department.
Her next project is to collect supplies for the homeless this holiday season.
If you are interested in helping donate for the homeless you can email Andonie at “[email protected]”.

Maddie Andonie, Founder of Blanket Drive

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