AZ Republicans present bills to restrict voter registration

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We talk with Senator Rebecca Rios, a Democratic Representative from District 27, and Jennifer Longdon, a Democratic Representative from District 24, about Republicans’ multiple moves to restrict voter registration and early voting. We also discussed Governor Ducey’s ideas for expanded gaming in Arizona and Representative Bolick’s bill to undo public vote if the legislature chooses.

We discuss some of the bills being presented to manage voter registration and voter outcome. Rios said these are pieces of legislation looking at disenfranchising voters and limiting who votes. We also talked about the gaming compact and the governors’ plan. These have been in negotiation for 5-years. Rios is supportive of this and thinks this is a way to create more revenue for everyone.

Senator Rebecca Rios, Democratic Representative (District 27), and Jennifer Longdon, Democratic Representative (District 24)

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