How the Phoenix Open has changed this year due to COVID

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The Waste Management Phoenix Open tournament is not only a major golf tournament in Arizona but a well-known event. However, this year, it will be different. We talked with Scott Jenkins, the Chairman of the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open Tournament. We went over how the tournament is changing due to COVID. We also talked about the first-time pros playing. We discussed the reduced number of attendees and if the smaller attendance affects the Thunderbird Charities.

It is going to be a much different tournament than most years but they are excited to be holding it. They will have less than 5000 fans a day. Last year they had 28 different venues. This year they have 2 venues: the Clubhouse and the Sixteenth Hole. General admission tickets are $100 for Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. They are $125 for Friday and Saturday. Before the pandemic, tickets were much cheaper, $45-$65 per person.

Jenkins said this year is just different. To protect the fans Jenkins says they are requiring masks except for when you are actively eating and drinking. He also suggests “the three W’s”, which are, wear a mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. He said they will be sanitizing. Jenkins said they are really utilizing their 132-acre golf course to help with social distancing everything is socially distanced. Jenkins said Waste Management being a sponsor is a benefit because they have some products to help sanitize and keep everything clean. They will be cleaning bathrooms regularly. There is also no need for buses this year because there is plenty of parking. He’s explained everything is going to be so convenient for everyone.

Last year, at their 202o event, they had a ton of success and were able to raise fourteen million dollars for charity. We also talked about creative ways they have thought of to make money. One example is raising money by selling “Faces on 16”. They are giant cardboard cutouts of your face you can buy to put on hole 16.

Scott Jenkins, Chairman of the 2021 Waste Management Phoenix Open Tournament

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