Limiting citizen initiatives in the Legislature

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We talked with Rebecca Rios, the Senate Minority Leader, and Representative Reginald Bolding, the House Minority Leader from District 27. We talked to Rios about the idea of attempting to limit citizen initiatives and the petition drives. She talks about what is being done and what is being pushed by Republicans. She said that they have seen bills and voter suppression. Now, she said Republicans are proposing to put more obstacles in place for the citizen initiative. She believes this is a direct democracy attack. She talks about the specifics of that and why she thinks it is aimed at Prop 208. She also talks about their argument and why it is not a good argument. Rios said there are many blocks that Republicans are trying to put up to stop these initiatives.

We ask Bolding if there is too much outside money influence. He said Republicans have made it difficult to get any initiative on ballots in the past. He said Republicans have decided to make it more difficult. He said citizens should have the ability to decide what they want the Constitution and laws to be in the state of Arizona.  We ask Rios about the idea that the legislature can rewrite or repeal any voter enacted law. She explains her thoughts on that. She thinks that it is another way to take away power from the Citizen initiative.

We also have Bolding Comment on a quote by a Representative colleague. Bolding said what they are seeing with voting is ridiculous. He thinks what the representative said is a direct attack on people that don’t vote for the representative. He thinks that all citizens in the country should have the ability to cast their ballot. he said he wants more access and more opportunity, not limited. We also talk to Rios about another quote from the same Representative and her thoughts on it. We also ask if Democrats are doing enough to ensure voter security.

Rebecca Rios, Senate Minority Leader, and Representative Reginald Bolding, from District 27

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