Precisionists facility opens to help people with disabilities find jobs

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Precisionists is a company that helps find jobs for people with autism. Precisionists has just opened a new facility here in Arizona. We learned more from Ernie Dianastasis, the company’s CEO.

“The “Precisionists” is is an IT and business administrative services company that perform a lot of projects for major companies. And, but what’s really interesting and unique about us is that a part of our workforce design is that we utilize and engage, a number of neurodivergent resources in our company and working side by side with neurotypical resources on a combination of talent to perform the work for our customers,” Dianstasis said.

But what sets Precisionists apart from other service companies?

“Up until now, and for many many years, 75 to 80% of people on the autism spectrum have been under or unemployed, and either working odd jobs, you know, adults that don’t come anywhere near using their, their talents, or they’ve been fully unemployed and have given up had given up hope, and were able to create wonderful career opportunities for these individuals and give them a chance to really build a long term career,” Dianstasis said.

There is in-depth training that takes place before an individual is fully placed into their job position.

“In this facility, we do assessment and assessment training program that typically runs three to four weeks long and whereby we’re showing them not only the technical skills that they’ll need for the type of job that we’re hiring them for, but also we teach them important skills around professionalism and working in a, in a corporate work environment. And again, things that they never had a chance to learn before, like working on teams making presentations, email etiquette, the do’s and don’ts of being in a professional work environment all things that are really important, as they launch a career,” Dianastasis said.

Ernie Dianastasis, CEO, Precisionists

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