Cindy McCain’s new book shares her marriage to late Senator John McCain

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Cindy McCain is out with a new book, it’s titled “Stronger.” Its subtitle is, “Courage, Hope and Humor in my Life with John McCain.” We spoke with Cindy McCain about the book and her thoughts on the state of current politics.

“You know after my husband died. I really wanted to be able to just express, you know about my life with him and kind of the journey that I took. More importantly, the journey, and in what the book describes obviously the name of it stronger is a large part of what it’s about and it was, it was really just about me being able to tell the other side which is not a different side of things, it’s just a more in-depth side of our, not just our relationship but our lives together or live apart,” McCain said.

McCain continues to share she had time to reflect on her husband’s death during the pandemic, “I enjoyed it was very cathartic to write because I wrote it during the pandemic, and really hadn’t had time to grieve, didn’t take time to grieve and until then and so all of it was very good for me to do not just writing it, but having the time to really get a sense of, you know, the new normal is how I how I put it, anyway.”

When asked what she thinks of the state of our current political environment including the auditing process she said, “I find it hard to believe that we are still in this situation and I’ll use Arizona as an example that somehow people still believe that this, this election was stolen. And it simply isn’t true, we proved it time and time again and we’ve also certified these elections. So the fact that we somehow are dragged in my home state and other states are doing some of the same things through this quagmire, again, is not fully ludicrous but it’s cruel and it’s cruel to the voting population because we’ve cast our ballots, a choice was made and elections have consequences.”

Cindy McCain, Author

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