Arizona Gubernatorial race ramps up with candidates

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The race for Arizona Governor has started with several candidates already declaring intent to run. Christine Jones is a former gubernatorial candidate and knows firsthand the pressure of running as she ran for the position in 2014. She joined us on the show today to answer several questions about how she thinks this race will break down and who has the potential to win it.

Jones said that she thinks for the first time in a long time, there’s going to be two competitive primaries occurring in the state for both the Democratic and Republican parties. “This is really exciting for the insider political class,” Jones said.

She said that she doubts candidate numbers will range from 14 to 15, but 8 or 9 or even 10 is fairly likely.

Jones also said that she believes the current 2020 Presidential Election audit, that’s occurring now in the Phoenix Coliseum, could have a significant effect on the outcome of the race. Katie Hobbs, the current Arizonan Secretary of State, is a Gubernatorial candidate and has been overseeing the audit.

“I do think it makes her look like an adult, and particularly in the Democratic primary, she will have been, basically for free, promoting her name recognition. And it really demonstrates the professionalism with which she ran the office of Secretary of State,” Jones said.

The former candidate also said that, when it comes to some of the grander issues that this upcoming governor is going to face, they’re going to have to be a bit more than just “adequate”.

“If we’re going to go forward and we’re talking about election reform, voter access, and free and fair elections and the sort of fundamental, existential questions about democracy, you want somebody who’s a bit more than competent,” Jones said.

She added that an ideal candidate would be somebody who’s inspiring and commanding, with the qualities of a natural leader. To Jones, that’s where the primaries are going to turn.

Christine Jones, Former Gubernatorial Candidate

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