Phoenix Suns are hot in the NBA playoffs

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The Phoenix Suns have advanced to the second round in the NBA playoffs for the first time since 2010. Longtime Suns broadcaster and announcer Al McCoy joins us to explain what this means for the team.

McCoy said that calling playoff games, games that have some real weight to them, has been a great experience and hearkens back to a lot of memories.

“It’s easy to forget about all the years that the Suns were in the playoffs and the two years that they went all the way to the NBA finals, and it does make it a little more fun,” McCoy said.

Regarding having fans back in the stadium, McCoy said that it’s been “certainly different”. McCoy said that there was a significant adjustment to be made last season when the pandemic struck and that the change is even more difficult now that they’re coming back. Ultimately, though, he said that it’s been incredible to have them back.

The fabled Suns announcer said that, in terms of the place that this Suns team has in the organization’s history, it has a personality of its own. Unlike prior playoff showings, this is a relatively young team with only a small few veterans.

On beating the Lakers, McCoy said that it’s the Suns’ oldest rivalry in the team’s history and that coming out on top of that does feel good. He said it goes back to the team’s second year, when they were in the playoffs and had a back-and-forth series with LA. It’s been a rivalry since, and it does feel good to be the victor.

Finally, McCoy said that when it comes to Devin Booker’s status as one of the all-time greats for the team, “he’s certainly on the doorstep. There’s no question about that.”

Al McCoy, Voice of the Suns

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