Biden’s effort for a new bi-partisan infrastructure plan

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President Biden pulled talks on his one-trillion-billion dollar infrastructure plan and instead is now looking at a bi-partisan group of centrist lawmakers to come up with a new plan.

We spoke to Representative Tom O’Halleran from District 1 about it all. O’Halleran will discuss the failed infrastructure bill and those bi-partisan efforts to write a new one. What does it mean for Arizonans?

Infrastructure includes internet access and O’Halleran has been fighting for better broadband and more, for Navajo and Hopi communities as well as clean water access.

We talked about where the house stands on the bill. Also how it will affect the Native American Communities. He said the small towns and cities need new roads because they are very bumpy.

We talked about where he stands with the bill and what he hopes to see out of the new bipartisan bill. The republicans don’t want to see certain things on the bill like health care.

The goal is to get this bill to stick and not have another party come in down the road and get rid of it. He said they want to get something done. He wants to make sure that they get the physical process done.

Although, O’Halleran said he wants healthcare that is aggressive and does a better job than it does today.

We talked about electric vehicles and the gas tax. He said fairness is an issue. People in his district have to drive really far, so he again said he wants to do something about the roads.

He said he believes they will get something out of this new bill. They are having trouble with the infrastructure plan, but they are working on it.

Rep. Tom O'Halleran, (D) District 1

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