The city of Mesa unveils new library renovation

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It’s library card sign-up month and we will take you to one Arizona library that recently was renovated thanks to a bond approved by voters. It’s now open to the public and it caters to children…Producer Sedona Meadows and videographer, Rudy Romo share more on what’s in this library.

The main Mesa Public Library went through a makeover and was dedicated to children. The building hasn’t been updated since 1998. Its new technology and designs are drawing people to the library.

“It’s just so refreshed and feels wonderful,” said one parent, Christina Smith. Smith has brought her children to the library for years, but has never seen the library renovated like it is now.

The renovation began with a masterplan started in 2015 to redo the children’s space. In 2018, parks and culture bonds were approved by Mesa voters that helped fund the project.

“We were able to reimagine what our space looked like for our kids today,” Library Director, Polly Bonnett said.  Arizona geography plays a huge factor at the library. The new areas have story time stages, event rooms, and reading nooks. The library also has different zones for each age group that makes it easier for kids. “I like how the older kids group is migrated to the other side, but still part of the children’s group,” Smith said.

Although the library is now open to the public, COVID-19 has brought some challenges along the way. The library has virtual programs for those who feel more comfortable at home. Bonnett said the pandemic made her appreciate the connections she has made, especially at the library.

For those who do come in person, the library encourages mask wearing and social distancing. The library uses special filtration for air plasma.

“There’s more than books,” Smith said. “There’s adventures. There’s events.”

Polly Bonnett, Library Director
Kymberly (Library visitor)
Christina Smith (Parent)
Gideon (Library visitor)

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