Maricopa County Supervisor will plan to resign after recordings surface

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Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri plans to resign soon because of secret recordings that were recently revealed where he made harsh remarks about his colleagues. Chucri also made other other accusations about the 2020 election and dead people voting. We talked with Jim Small from the Arizona Mirror about this developing story.

Some of Chucri’s recordings were made in January and March, even before the audit was underway, Small said. “Chucri said there were major problems with the election and dead people voting, which hasn’t been proven,” Small mentioned.

“Steve Chucri was not making these comments about his political allies. It was toward people trying recall him,” Small said. He mentioned that Chucri was speaking in a candid manner. Small said Chucri’s incident serves as lesson. “You should always assume you’re being recorded and don’t be unguarded.”

Small mentioned that the four republicans on the board of supervisors took the right steps in defending the election, knowing that there was a political risk to it. Small added that there could be multiple primary challengers due to the 2020 election and the audit.

One of Chucri’s remarks was about former Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes. Small said Chucri’s remarks and the election would often lead to conflict with Fontes and the Board of Supervisors’.

“I think that the political risks have only grown,” Small said.


Jim Small, Arizona Mirror

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