Journalist’s Roundtable: Ruben Gallego runs for Senate

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We were joined by Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services, Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic and, and Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix to discuss the week’s top stories.

Ruben Gallego wants to be Senator

“Why wouldn’t he want to be Senator Gallego? He’s been looking at something like that for a while; he’s been in Washington for a while. He knows the lay of the land, and once Kirsten said, “I am an independent,” he said okay we need a democrat in the race,” said Fischer.

Does it help or hurt to announce this early?

“I think if you want to stake out a claim and avoid a primary, it absolutely helps. He got an endorsement from former Senator Dennis DeConcini today. I was not expecting to see Democrats come out so quickly and choose, do we choose a Sinema or do we choose a Gallego,” said Roberts.

Who is going to fill Gallego’s Congressional seat?

“There’s been eight or nine of them at this point, since it’s such a safe seat. I know Laura Pastor, Phoenix City Council Member, her name is very much out there and everyone expects her to get in. Senate Minority Leader, Raquel Teran, is the outgoing chair of the party,” said Duda.

Other names include: Reginald Bolding, Yassamin Ansari, Catherine Miranda, and Anna Tovar.

“I think a lot of people are basically going to see who can get the buzz, and the buzz also includes money,” said Fischer.

What is happening with the Governor’s funding?

“She had two funds; she had the state fund, which is the state raises money to pay for inauguration, and then she had this separate fund, which she solicited money from all the big special interest in the state and maybe beyond,” said Roberts.

Howie Fischer of Capitol Media Services, Laurie Roberts of the Arizona Republic and, and Jeremy Duda of Axios Phoenix.

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