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Ability360 is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping and empowering those with disabilities. They have a home modification program that can retrofit a home to accommodate a variety of disabilities from installing ramps to adding grip bars and overall wheelchair accessibility. To qualify for the program, the individual must have a permanent disability, meet income requirements. Ability360 completed 128 home modification projects in 2022, valued at $1.1 million, the highest total in the last six years.

Darrel Christenson, Vice President of Community Integration at Ability360 joined Ted to discuss the organization and its impact.

“As we get older, falls happen in the home, so we want to make some modifications to make it safer, more independent, and reduce those falls,” said Christenson. “We’re really excited because we have a new grant through HUD… to assist with modifying homes for people over 62, people with disabilities.”

Some of the modifications include grip bars, wider doorways and high rise toilets. Retrofitting is personalized based on each individual’s needs.

“We have certified folks, program coordinators, that go out and physically do assessments and such and talk to the individual,” said Christenson. “Like for grab bars, we can place those exactly where they need to be, if it’s a horizontal or an L shape bar.”

According to Christenson, retrofitting is targeted to residents in Gila and Pinal counties, as well as, six cities in Maricopa County. To qualify, residents with disabilities must be over the age of 62 and meet income requirements.

“That’s the beautiful part… no cost to individuals at all, we have the funds to make it happen for them,” Christenson said.

Darrel Christenson, Vice President of Community Integration at Ability360

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