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President Pro Tempore TJ Shope, GOP lawmaker sits down with Ted to discuss the latest bills and the new budget from the Legislature.

“We realize that there is about a billion, eight hundred million dollars, 1.8 billion dollars that is out there, that will become the box that is used for one time dollars,” said Shope. “I have no doubt that it would be our intention, cause it is, to go ahead and negotiate that 1.8 billion on obviously our priorities, the governor’s priorities and the house’s priorities, as well.”

Shope said that there is lots of negotiating left to do for the State Legislature. This will continue over the next few months.

Education funding is on many Arizonian’s minds. The Senate Education Committee Chair recently introduced a bill for the AEL to be raised. According to Shope, the bill has been read in the Senate, and the House has passed an education measure.

“We’ll see some action I believe coming up, potentially as early as next week on that,” said Shope.

President Pro Tempore TJ Shope, GOP lawmaker

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