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CVS has released its annual report on healthy aging. The report tackles various topics related to older Americans’ health care, from the changing health care needs for those 65 or older, to the mental health of seniors and improving care for older adults. According to U.S. Census Bureau projections, the aging population is at an all-time high.

We learned more about it from Victoria Coley, Chief Medicare Officer, Arizona and Mountain States, CVS Health.

“We put together this report to really make sure that people can be proactive in their aging. We are in a situation where we’re going to have a rapidly growing population of 65+,” Coley said.

By 2030, more than one in five people will be over 65. This means providers will need to pay close attention in order to support older adults. The coming decades will bring the management of more chronic conditions and evolving forms of care delivery. In creating this next era, inventive approaches to medical and supportive services can break new ground–and allow Americans to age with dignity.

On the plus side, the report shows baby boomers have benefited from better access to health care and major advances in treatment, including joint replacements, cancer cures and new ways to prevent a number of illnesses. About three out of four older adults rate their health as good or excellent. However, older Americans tend to have more chronic conditions.

The American Hospital Association estimates that by 2030, the system will be dealing with twice as many hospital admissions and physician visits for older adults. Also, at least two out of three older adults are expected to need long-term care services for an average of about three years in their lives, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The report states that new systems will need to keep pace not only with more care but often care that’s more complex. Listening to older adults will be the most critical starting point for health care organizations.

The report has put forth the following strategies for better support of older adults:

  • Putting self-advocacy first
  • Improving home-based care
  • Leaning into virtual care
  • Using prescriptions as an opportunity
  • Increasing convenience

Read the report on the CVS website here.

Victoria Coley, Chief Medicare Officer, Arizona and Mountain States, CVS Health

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