Exploring the artificial intelligence degree program at Chandler Gilbert Community College

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In this episode of Horizon, we delve into the complex and controversial world of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for education.

So what exactly is AI? Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer programs that can solve problems and perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.

AI in education

Obtaining a college degree in AI can provide students with a solid foundation and in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, its principles, algorithms and applications.

To look at the significance of AI within the college setting, we spoke to Professor Habib Matar.

Matar graduated with a degree from Chandler Gilbert Community College at the age of 16. Now he’s professor there, teaching most of the AI classes in the program. 

“AI, broadly, is instilling human capabilities in machines, or human-like capabilities. Right now what we see is more so a trend in machine learning, which is taking large amounts of data and replicating patterns from said data,” Matar said.

Getting an AI degree

Chandler Gilbert Community College (CGCC) has emerged as a trailblazer in AI education, offering a pioneering bachelor’s degree program in artificial intelligence. As one of the first institutions, if not the very first, at the community college level to provide such a program, CGCC is reshaping the landscape of AI instruction.

The degree focuses on building machine learning models that can be used for predicting, making decisions and enhancing human capabilities. This program teaches students skills used in a variety of fields using artificial intelligence, including the information technology, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, industrial and manufacturing industries. The AI curriculum also includes courses in computer programming, math and statistics.

What students can learn

According to the CGCC website, here is a sampling of what students can learn in the AI program.

How to:

  • Apply common artificial intelligence (AI) concepts and methodologies, including neural networks/Deep Learning, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and data science for analysis and decision making.
  • Apply artificial intelligence (AI) project development and machine learning life cycle to address social and business issues, opportunities and problems.
  • Apply statistical analysis and machine learning algorithms to predict usefulness of artificial intelligence (AI) programming solutions.
  • Use appropriate programming languages to implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.
  • Communicate in varied settings, orally and visually and in writing, in a culturally responsive manner.
  • Collaborate with diverse individuals and teams to design and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.
  • Evaluate issues of bias, culture, environment, ethics, regulations and professional expectations in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.
  • Apply relevant knowledge, skills and habits of mind to seek career opportunities in the field.

More information

For more information on the degree program at Chandler Gilbert Community College, visit their website.

Professor Habib Matar, Lead Faculty AI/ML, Chandler Gilbert Community College

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