New poll shows Biden and Trump tied in presidential race

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Earlier today, former president Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to federal charges levied against him involving attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential elections. This new case is the latest in a slew of legal problems the former president has dealt with in the past months. Despite facing several criminal indictments, Trump is tied with President Biden in a new poll released by The New York Times and Sienna College.

“It is shocking. When this poll was taken he (Trump) was under 74 federal felony indictments. Now, he has 78 federal felony indictments, and here he is, he’s tied with the sitting president,” said Doug Cole, Chief Operating Officer of HighGround Inc.

The poll shows Biden and Trump are tied at 42% among registered voters. Cole pointed out the election is still 15 months away, but it still shows growing political divide in this country.

“The public, the voters, they like a black-and-white type of world. They want it so you’re either with me or against me. I think that that’s what these numbers are showing. You’ve got 42% of an electorate that doesn’t care what Donald Trump does or has done, they are on his side. The other 42% are saying, ‘Anybody, but that guy.’,” said Jason Barraza, Partner at Veridus LLC.

In the same poll conducted by Sienna College, Trump garnered more than half the vote among registered Republican voters. Barraza pointed out Trump’s massive following gives him an enormous amount of power.

“The truest statement the man has had in 10 years is that if he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, he wouldn’t lose a single voter. The fact is he didn’t lose any, he’s gaining people after committing crimes. He has been successful at turning off Americans to media, to news sources, to our own government. So now when they come after him with some legitimate complaints against him, they are using it as a weapon to find support for him,” said Barraza.

Doug Cole, Chief Operating Officer, HighGround Inc.;
Jason Barazza, Partner, Veridus LLC

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