Artist Antoinette Cauley and her ‘Future Matriarchs’ exhibit

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The Mesa Community College Gallery (MCC) currently hosts an enlightening exhibition curated by esteemed fine artist Antoinette Cauley titled, “Future Matriarchs.”

This captivating showcase, featuring the works of 10 talented female artists, delves into the prospective matriarchal figures within the Black community. Cauley, renowned for her striking mural depicting James Baldwin on a downtown Phoenix high-rise and her poignant portrayal of Brittney Griner, holds the prestigious position of MCC’s inaugural artist-in-residence.

Complementing “Future Matriarchs” is the concurrent exhibit “Matriarchs of Washington Park,” shedding light on the lived experiences of women in a segregated enclave of Mesa’s history. Both exhibitions offer poignant insights into the resilience, strength and evolving roles of women within their communities.

Visitors are invited to explore these thought-provoking displays, which run until April 1, offering a unique opportunity to engage with narratives that are both deeply personal and culturally significant. Through the diverse perspectives and artistic expressions showcased in these exhibitions, viewers are prompted to reflect on the past, present and future of matriarchal influence in shaping societies and identities.

Antoinette Cauley, Fine Artist
Rhyan Johnson, Fine Artist

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