Weekly legislative update with journalist Ray Stern

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It’s time for our weekly legislative update, and this week we were joined by “The Arizona Republic” journalist Ray Stern to talk about various legislative issues.

Arizona lawmakers are making changes to how they work as they focus on figuring out the state’s budget. Instead of meeting as often as before, they will now gather only twice a week to discuss budget matters with Governor Katie Hobbs.

To make sure everyone is on the same page, the Governor’s office will share information with both Democrats and Republicans.

One big topic they’re discussing is education. Governor Hobbs wants to change how private school vouchers work to save money. However, there’s a concern that Arizona might not have enough money for everything it needs to do.

Besides financial issues, lawmakers are also talking about border security and voting laws. Some lawmakers want to put a new border security law on the ballot for voters to decide. Meanwhile, others want to change how early voting works in Arizona.

Ray Stern, journalist at "The Arizona Republic"

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