Arizona woman leads mission to help military members and their families

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An Arizona woman is honoring her late son who was killed in action while serving in the military in Iraq by leading a mission aiming to raise morale of military members and their families.

Military Assistance Mission (MAM) was founded to help raise morale and provide financial assistance to active duty, reserve duty, and National Guard members, ensuring they can focus on their missions without worrying about their finances.

The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap in support for military families, particularly addressing issues such as food insecurity, which affects a significant portion of these families.

Through MAM, service members can receive assistance with rent, utilities, auto insurance, and even educational expenses. The organization aims to fill gaps in support that may not be covered by other institutions like Veterans Affairs, recognizing the challenges service members face during and after their military service.

Founder and CEO, Margy Bons, who had been involved in volunteering with other nonprofits before starting MAM, was inspired to create the organization after witnessing the struggles her own son faced with financial difficulties during his service.

She understood firsthand the importance of providing support to service members and their families, ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive.

MAM continues to grow and expand its services, ensuring that no service member or their family is left behind.

Margy Bons, Founder and CEO, Military Assistance Mission

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