ACF unveils strategic plan to strengthen Arizona communities

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Established in 1978, the Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) has evolved into a vital statewide network of charitable funds, drawing support from a multitude of Arizonans.

Recently, ACF convened a pivotal forum, ACF Connects, fostering collaboration among donors, advisors, nonprofit leaders, and influential community members to devise innovative strategies for empowering and enhancing Arizona’s diverse communities. Concurrently, ACF unveiled its meticulously crafted strategic plan, poised to guide its initiatives toward fostering sustainable growth and impactful change.

Anna María Chávez, CEO and President of the Arizona Community Foundation joined Arizona Horizon to discuss the details.

“The strategic plan that we did have took us through Covid, and we obviously saw the world change dramatically during and after Covid,” Chávez said. “I started with the foundation over a year and a half ago, and as I was talking to partners, I started connecting the dots. I said, ‘You know what? we really need to sit down and talk to people across the state of Arizona to understand what are the greatest needs, and where can we partner with donors and partners to make the biggest decision?’ So that’s what started our process.”

ACF is working to focus on a few key areas: education, affordable housing, homelessness and the environment in Arizona.

Anna María Chávez, CEO and President, Arizona Community Foundation

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