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Positive parenting: What makes your child unique?

You want to be a good parent, and it’s not always easy. That’s why you’re here. Some little ones are more excitable and easily upset. Others are calm and easy-going by nature: ‘Easy babies.’

Every child is different. One-of-a-kind. A unique person, growing and learning at their own pace in their own special way. Recognizing your child’s uniqueness is an essential part of being the best parent you can be.

Nobody knows your child better than you. You’re the expert on your family. What makes your child special? What do you admire about them? Maybe it’s their personality. Their words and sounds and expressions. Their sense of humor. Their little way of doing things. The new things they learn.

Even with the stress and struggles of daily life, you probably notice those things all the time. When you notice something, it’s because it’s important.

Paying attention to your child’s strengths and skills and uniqueness makes your bond even stronger. And telling them what makes them special in your eyes builds their self-esteem.

“Thank you for the hug. I love how kind you are.”

“You always make me laugh.”

“I noticed that you did that all by yourself. I’m proud of you.”

Positive parenting celebrate your child's strengths

Positive parenting is about doing your best for your child and your family. We can’t handle every moment or situation perfectly. No parent does. But what we can do is focus on our most important job as a parent: making sure our children know that they’re loved for who they are, no matter what.

You always make each day such a special day. You know how. By just you being you. There’s only one person in the whole world exactly like you. And that’s you yourself. And I like you just the way you are.”

Mister Rogers

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