Immigration plan mentions plans for wall, future of DACA

A concrete immigration plan, including the building of the wall and the future of DACA individuals, is still up in the air as Republicans and Democrats battle it out in terms of budget.

Lisa Magaña, Ph.D. from ASU’s School of Transborder Studies, says President Donald Trump has been inconsistent when it comes to immigration. She says the president faces challenges from his party when he tries for a bipartisan approach only to be criticized by his base.

The four pillars of Trump’s immigration plan include a path to citizenship, building the wall, ending what he calls chain migration and ending the visa lottery. Following that is deciding on a budget which is where the obstacles lie. The path of citizenship is meant for DACA recipients, but the process can take over a decade.

There have been multiple recommendations on how to handle the future of DACA individuals. Magaña says she has heard giving the kids, some of who are adults now, citizenship 10-15 years from now when a lot of the opposing congressional members will be out of office.

The current situation with the wall has caused some eyebrows to raise. Originally, the president emphasized the Mexico would pay for the wall. However, that’s been out of the discussion for some time now. The future of DACA won’t be spoken about until there is a resolution on the wall.

“If we wanted to really address unauthorized immigration population we need to look at visa overstayers,” Magaña says. “That’s the big one. Somebody that’s entered the country legally and then they don’t leave when their VISA runs out is part of this unauthorized immigration.”

Magaña says this in reference to many Canadians staying in the country for longer than they were supposed to. She says she has also heard of an Irish immigration problem in Boston.

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Lisa Magaña, Ph.D.: ASU School of Transborder Studies

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