Dr. Rudy Guevarra, Dr. Heather Switzer, Dr. Sa Whitley and Dr. Vera Lopez

What is social transformation?

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What is social transformation? This is the question on the table in this inaugural episode of “Okay! School Me.” A mosaic of voices from the ASU community discuss how they think about and implement “social transformation.” This episode was designed to showcase the complexity and diversity inherent in social transformation.

In a world where change is the only constant, the landscape of social transformation takes center stage. Join us on “Okay! School Me” as we embark on a thought-provoking journey through the intricate web of societal evolution.

With Dr. Celina Osuna, a post-doctoral scholar at ASU’s Social Transformation Lab, we delve into the recognition that change isn’t always universally beneficial. The ripple effects of globalization have led to stark divisions between the rich and the poor, prompting us to question the consequences of our evolving world.

Dr. Heather Switzer, an associate professor of women and gender studies, invites us to consider social transformation as an intimate journey that begins with our personal experiences, drawing from Saidiya Hartman’s notion of waywardness. For Dr. Vera Lopez, a professor of women and gender studies, social transformation finds its roots in justice, sparking a discussion on equity and equitable living.

Dr. Sa Whitley, a presidential post-doctoral scholar at the School of Social Transformation, expands our horizons by viewing social transformation as an opening to new possibilities and ethical relationships. Dr. Rudy Guevarra, a professor of Asian American studies, encourages critical thinking and writing as tools for navigating the complexities of social change. Dr. Jacob Leveton, program coordinator at the Institute for Humanities Research, positions the important work of humanities scholars and artists in helping think about social transformation.

The journey ends with Marlene Marquez, a political science major at ASU, offering a unique perspective on how society activates and responds to social transformation. Kyle McKinney, a recent graduate of the Interdisciplinary Studies master’s program at ASU, provides the episode’s “Learning Moment” to reflect on the ideas presented in the episode.

Tune in as we unravel the profound impact of change on our lives and the world around us, on “Okay! School Me.”

Dr. Mako Fitts Ward
Dr. Celina Osuna
Dr. Rudy Guevarra
Dr. Jacob Leveton
Dr. Heather Switzer
Dr. Sa Whitley
Dr. Vera Lopez
Marlene Marquez
Kyle McKinney

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